Spring Equinox Shamanic Journey


with Melanie Ryan

Friday, March 20th


Exchange: $25

Registration Deadline: Friday 3/20 by 5pm

Online Registration or VENMO @Melanie-Ryan-33

No experience necessary

*Must email MelanieRyanLCSW@gmail.com for tele-gathering call in number

This event has shifted to a tele-gathering as WE ARE experiencing a great purging of fear on the collective conscious level. This is a global healing crisis and an auspicious time to do deep soul work. 


Join me in the comfort of your home, around your altar or fire, as I guide you on shamanic journeys to help you connect with the wisdom needed at this time, release what you need to release, and heal the shadow parts of you that long to be liberated.


Spring has sprung and we awaken from our winter slumber. Our time of hibernation and incubation comes to end and we welcome the planting of new seeds to grow. 


In this evening program, we honor the return of Spring. A time of rebirth and renewal, new growth, new ideas, a whole new way of being. 


For thousands of years, the ancient wisdom keepers have used shamanic journeying as a valuable method to gain clarity and wisdom for their life path and purpose. 


Melanie Ryan, Holistic Psychotherapist and Shamanic Master Teacher will guide you on  shamanic journeys to connect you to your spirit guides, awaken your inner wisdom and assist you in gaining clarity on these new beginnings that are about to come forth for you.


Join with other earth-honoring people who value indigenous philosophy and heart-centered community for a beautiful evening of spiritual connections and friendship. 

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