Saturday, October 12th

Sunday, October 13th

10am-5pm both days

Workshop is Closed for Registration 

Join us to Dream your Spirit Drum into Being Engage in a sacred ceremony of journey work and shamanic crafting


Boom-boom — the steady drumbeat of our mother’s heart soothing and anchoring us in her womb is the first musical sound that our ears perceive, keeping us grounded on our journey to birth. 


Our first musical instrument was the drum, discovered by beating a stick on a hollow log or some other hollow surface. The beat of the drum naturally compels our bodies to want to move, almost involuntarily - like breathing. 


The shaman/spirit/medicine drum is used universally and is prevalent among many original peoples as a living and conscious tool to bridge into expanded reality. It is used widely among Siberian shamans, where the word shaman was conceived. Here in North America, the drum has always been a sacred instrument in their communication with Spirit. Even in Europe, history reaches far beyond the advent of Christianity that included drumming in sacred ceremony.


In this workshop, you will: 

  • Journey to meet the Spirit of the Tree that gifted you the wood for your drum frame that will become the drum’s body.

  • Journey to meet the Spirit of the Four-legged who gifted the hide that will be the flesh of your drum.

  • Learn a unique spiral lacing technique as taught in the Saghic tradition [a re-dreamed Celtic tradition].

  • Engage in sacred ceremony to breathe life into your using the four elements.

  • Create an intimate bond between you and your drum’s living nature.

  • Learn to work with the drum as a conversational aid with your Guides and the Ancestors when you journey into the heart of your Spirit Drum.

  • Learn to care for and "feed" your drum—this drum will be different than any other drum you will have and thus needs to be treated always in a sacred manner. 

  • You will become aware of the Do’s and Don’ts of your drum.

  • Bring a small empty spray bottle for water to keep drum skins moist, an old towel to use as your work surface, journal and pen, and a blind fold or mask if desired for use in journey work.


“The Spirit Drum is an external embodiment of our lives.

It expresses our joy and sadness and is an implement of prayer.

The drum is also the vessel that carries us on spiritual explorations and journeys.

As such they tell the story of our relationship to the divine

and to those we call the Ancient Ones.” – Native Elder


This is a 2-day Spirit Drum making workshop and needs to be pre-booked by the payment of material fees to Rob Murphy by 12noon Saturday, September 21st. Email Rob:



13” skin drum w/cedar frame - $110

14” skin drum w/maple frame - $110

15” skin drum w/cedar frame - $125

15” skin drum w/maple frame - $125

16” skin drum w/maple frame - $125

17” skin drum w/cedar frame - $140

18” skin drum w/maple frame - $140

(deer, horse, elk, cow, buffalo and moose skins are available)

Cedar frames are much lighter in weight than the maples frames. 

If you do a lot of drumming for extended periods of time this lightweight frame will be perfect for you.

Rob Murphy is a shaman in the traditions of the Ecuadorian Quichua, the Brazilian Makunaiman and an Ordained Elder and minister of the re-dreamed Celtic WolvenPath Tradition. He is a certified master shamanic-reiki practitioner, teacher and Core Faculty member, Ceremonial and Ancient Wisdom Holder of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. He is the founder of the Richmond Shamanic Drum Circle and a member of the NY Shamanic Circle. He teaches in the U.S.A, in Canada & Ireland and facilitates trips to learn from indigenous elders in South America. A graduate of Dr. Linda Backman’s Past Life Soul Regression and Between Life Soul Regression programs, he uses regression therapy in his shamanic healing.

The Spirit of the Drum

A Drum Making Workshop

with Robert Murphy, Ancient Wisdom Healer

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