Shamanic Reiki Level Two 

with Melanie Ryan

Change in Date

Saturday, May 23rd


Registration: $395

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hamanic Reiki Level Two expands our work with Reiki Universal Life Force Energy, which is non-dualistic in nature and not restricted by laws that govern a three dimensional reality. Hence, we can transmit Reiki to benefit another, or a situation, backward in time, forward into the future, and across geographical distance. 

In the shamanic world-view this is supported by the concept of oneness. We are interconnected through time and space by a living, conscious web that connects and informs all sentient life.

Join us in this experiential training that deepens the integration of two ancient healing forms, Shamanism with Reiki. You will practice time-tested methods that enhance intuition and expand consciousness. We will work with trauma and learn ancient healing methods to help heal on a very deep soul level. 

These include:
• Receive the Shamanic Reiki Level Two attunement and three powerful energetic symbols
• Establish an inner sanctum and investigate the consciousness of the attunement symbols
• Activate your ability to transmit healing forces across time and space
• Increase the potency of the energy you channel, and receive and give a Shamanic Reiki sessions
• Practice simple Shamanic Reiki absentee healing methods
• Release energetic blocks through shamanic journeys and earth elements
• Perform ancient empowerment practices, and more.

Any Reiki Level 1 training meets pre-requisite for this workshop.

Recommended books: 
Shamanic Reiki, by Roberts and Levy
Essentials of Reiki, Diane Stein
Grandfather, Tom Brown Jr. 

Please plan to have prepared for yourself: snacks, lunch, a journal, water, and any personal sacred items. There will be a one hour lunch break. 

Melanie Ryan, SRMT, LCSWR
Melanie is holistic psychotherapist, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and Buddhist meditation teacher. She is owner of Ancient Wisdom Today, an education organization that provides experiential learning and trainings in energy medicine, mindfulness meditation, wilderness survival skills, and travel adventures to sacred sites worldwide.

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