Network Spinal Analysis:

A Transformational Healing System

with Dr. Lawrence G. Stern, DC

Postponed to Sunday, October 28th


Registration: $40

Register online or call: (914)864-0462 

Traumatic life events result in our bodies storing tension in our spine and brain. These patterns can cause physical and emotional imbalances, including head, neck and body pain, poor posture, anxiety and depression. Network Spinal Analysis employs precise touch to spinal gateways, releasing tensions, allowing our bodies to restore, reorganize and reach its inherent state of optimal wellness.Participants will have an opportunity to experience a mini-session of an NSA Entrainment. 


Dr. Lawrence G. Stern, DC is a chiropractor with over 34 years in private practice. Focused on the healing of body, mind, heart and soul, he has a unique and integrative approach to health and well-being. Over the decades, "Dr. Larry" has trained in Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA, also called Network Care), Corporate Wellness, Personal Development and Leadership. He brings forth a heart-centered approach and a special combination of skills and services. 

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