Natural Approaches to Lyme Disease

with Dr. Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH 

Saturday, April 13th, 2019 




Lyme Disease is an epidemic in our community and is often not adequately treated by medical interventions.  People can suffer for years with Lyme Disease symptoms because of the infection’s strength and the limited ways medications address it.  In addition, there are often other “co-infections” spread by ticks that add to the severity of symptoms and make treatment even more challenging.


With a holistic approach to addressing Lyme, you will understand more about natural agents that boost your immune system and fight the infection, as well as ways to support your health and reduce the dreaded “die-off” reaction.  Come learn more about natural ways to address one of the most difficult infections in modern times. 


This workshop will use an integrative medicine approach to cover the basics of Lyme testing and treatment, and share ways to use nutrition, herbal medicine and other natural approaches to reduce symptoms, fight Lyme and co-infections, and restore health.

Dr. Kurt Beil is a naturopathic doctor and classical Chinese medicine practitioner. He received his training at the National University of Natural Medicine, a nationally recognized 4-year accredited clinical training program. Dr. Beil uses an integrative approach that combines the best of modern medical science and ancient healing arts to provide the highest quality of natural health care. He works in a holistic paradigm to help patients resolve disease and achieve their optimal level of health & well-being. He has a private practice at The Center for Health and Healing in Mt. Kisco, NY. For more info:

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