Saturday March, 30th


Registration: $40

Join pain specialist, Andy Steigmeier for an empowering experience of learning how you can heal your body. Using his unique combination of holistic and traditional methods to strengthen and balance your body, release pain causing muscle tension, and learn how the mind - body connection a vital tool for your overall physical health. 


In this workshop you will:

• perform simple to do therapeutic exercises and stretches that help relieve pain at the root cause 

• learn positional therapy techniques that you can do on your own

• experience a mindfulness meditation that will help release emotional and mental impacts on the body

• learn about diet, herbs, and supplements that can help reduce or eliminate pain 


This workshop is ideal for individuals suffering from chronic or acute pain, those looking to avoid surgery or the need for pain medication, and for medical and holistic professionals wanting to learn more about pain remedies.


Andy Bio

Andy Steigmeier, LMT, CSCS is a pain specialist integrating therapeutic exercise, positional therapy and massage techniques. Having a personal history of multiple sports injuries and surgeries, Andy brings his passion to help others be pain-free using his unique and effective methods. His approach weaves therapeutic exercises, strength and conditioning, positional therapy, holistic health and mindfulness meditation. He provides a powerful and effective whole body approach to healing pain by addressing the root causes of pain in the body. Andy’s work has been seen on PBS TV with Lee Albert and Peggy Cappy, in “Survival guide to pain free living”. He teaches at Kripalu Yoga Center and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. He is owner and founder of The Center for Health and Healing in Mt. Kisco, NY where he teaches and sees clients on a regular basis. For more info about Andy

Building a Strong and Pain Free Body

with Andy Steigmeier, LMT, CSCS

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